Monday, November 27, 2006

And just because I still have the digital camera....

I can post pictures from DC!

My two beautiful nephews - Samuel and Jonathan

Heather (my big sister) and I on the George Washington Parkway bicycle trail outside Mt Vernon

More from Yorktown

Another photo of the sunrise the morning after we arrived

The house Grace Episcopal opens to cyclists

The Yorktown Victory Monument from far away (we never bothered to find it)

Sunrise our last morning in Yorktown

A sweet boat in the harbor

Sarah (Liz's big sister) and Liz on the beach in Yorktown

Pictures from Yorktown and beyond

Eating a celebratory dinner at Outback Steakhouse with Bill and Joyce in Newport News

Watching the sunrise the morning after we arrived

The view from the house of the sunrise

Grace Episcopal Church

Thursday, November 16, 2006

The pictures you've all been waiting for

Full of mixed emotions, we dipped our front wheels in the York River/Chesapeake Bay at Yorktown, marking the end of our journey.

Liz and Lou

heidi and Betse

The tracks in the sand from our bikes

Final day - Colonial Parkway

Liz riding Colonial Parkway

York River shrouded in fog

Colonial Parkway

We made it!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Posing before our final day

Historic Williamsburg

Camping on the Chickahominy River

We made a cake to celebrate our final night on the road

Eating cheesecake...

Camping under the pavilion - the ground was far too wet and the rain never stopped!

Willis United Methodist Church

The battlefield Liz alluded to - Willis Church was the field hospital for Confederate soldiers after this battle.

Getting closer... Liz rides ahead.

Shirley Plantation, est 1613

A not-terribly-appetizing sign outside of Charles City

Historical markers almost lined the road.

Ashland to Willis Church

"Scotchtown," Patrick Henry's home

The sign marking where Stonewall Jackson was given a drink of water.

A really old church near Kathleen and Dave's house

Kathleen, Dave and the cat, Sophie

Our bike inside the Willis Church on our second to last morning

Photos: Mineral to Ashland

Another amusing highway name - this road only lasts for a quarter mile or so outside Louisa, Virginia.

We got an awesome pizza here!

Outside Verbeeck's Country Store in Bumpass, Virginia, where they keep a cyclist log book and lots of yummy natural snacks.

Also outside Verbeeck's Store

Sunset outside Ashland

Beautiful fall foilage!